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Rib Eye

A good rib eye steak description has to include the flavor and texture of this succulent cut of meat. It comes from a cow's muscle and is beloved around the world in many types of dishes. Rib eye steaks do well when cooked on a grill.

Where does a rib eye steak come from?

A rib eye steak comes from the top of a cow's ribs. It is sliced from the section of beef that includes ribs six through 12. Depending on where in the world the steak is served, local customs dictate whether the rib bone is removed or left intact for serving.

Why is rib eye steak so succulent?

The succulent flavor of a rib eye steak comes from the marbled fat in the cut of meat. The muscle is strong because the cow uses it often. This generates more flavor in the steak when eaten.

How rib eye steak is usually prepared?

Rib eye steaks are often served grilled. The fat marbling in this cut of meat makes it an excellent grilling option. If you can't find a rib eye steak description on the menu, ask the restaurant how they prepare their rib eye steaks.

What factors affect the texture of a rib eye steak?

The texture of a rib eye steak depends on the amount of time it is cooked. When you order a rib eye steak, the server usually asks how well you want it done. A rare steak is tenderer than a well-done steak.

A rib eye steak is a succulent cut of meat from the top of a cow's rib area. It is favored by many people. If you are curious about the taste of a rib eye steak, order one the next time you are at a restaurant. It is best to order several examples of rib eye steaks at different restaurants in order to compare cooking styles.